Candles remain one of the elements that match every décor style. They help homeowners to reduce energy bills and requires little maintenance. Scented candles have been around for a while, but smart candles are the latest trend. Several homeowners are purchasing them because they come with numerous benefits. Getting the best candle for your home can be overwhelming. These tips will go a long whether you are buying candles online or visiting a brick and mortar store.

1               Define your personal taste

Taste differs when it comes to scents. Never make the mistake of choosing a particular fragrance because others are using it. Remember that it’s your home and you will be spending more time in it than anyone else. The bottom line is to be clear about the scents that appeal to your senses and stick to them.

2               Consider the current season

Each season has scents that resonate with it. For instance, a floral and musky fragrance is synonymous with the summer season. On the other hand, the green and spicy fragrance are ideal for winter. Opting for the scents that match each season is a step to bringing the outdoor into your home and create balance.

3                Choose the right candle for each room

Candles have the ability to soften the look of any room and illuminate dark corners. Each fragrance has different effects that range from calming to boosting energy levels. Here are some suggestions for choosing the best candles for every room.

▪      Living room/lounge

Most families spend more time in their living rooms than the other rooms. Placing Window Candles in a living room can help to enhance its beauty.

▪      Bathroom

Everyone wants a bathroom that will keep smelling fresh. Go for peppermint, eucalyptus or any of the citrus family.

▪      Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of different aromas. In view of this, choose subtle scents or a sweet fragrance like vanilla.

▪      Dining room

Opt for scentless candles that won’t interfere with the aromas of your foods in your dining room.

▪      Bedroom

The bedroom is designed for sleep and relaxation. This space needs candles that can improve sleeping habits or create a romantic setting. The best scents for bedroom include jasmine, rose, and lavender.

There isn’t a one size fit all rule to introducing scents to the entryways. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to use one of your favorite fragrances. Ensure that the one you choose will make visitors feel welcome in your home.

4                Buy candles from reliable brands

Get to the know the ingredients that are used for making the candles. Essential oils are among the primary ingredients of candles and they produce the scents. The best candles are made from eco-friendly materials and rarely trigger allergies. They should improve the quality of your overall health and indoor air.

Stay away from brands that use dangerous ingredients like lead wicks and paraffin-based products. Some manufacturers prefer beeswax, while others rely on soy wax. Understand the pros and cons of each option before making a purchase.