Choose the perfect accessories for each kind of prom dresses.

When you least think about it, there is not much time left for your prom party. You look for the perfect prom dresses, and after days and days looking for it, you found it! That dress you dreamed about so much, you already have it at home, and now you only have one task left: knowing with what accessories to complement it. It is true that each person has its own style, however, when it is a unique event, there are certain protocols to be followed. If you think that wearing a necklace, long earrings, three rings and colored bracelets is perfect for your prom dress you’re wrong!

For this reason, Jovani, a prestigious brand of the fashion industry and creators of the exclusive Prom dresses collection, gives you some tips, so you do not ruin that dream dress by choosing the wrong accessories.

A DRESS WITH A NECKLINE: If you choose a dress that includes a collar on its design, it will not be necessary to wear a necklace, if you wear one, it will look terrible. Ideally, if you wear this dress is to wear medium length earrings, which manage to get some attention as well. In addition, you can wear a small bracelet, full color, without much brightness. Remember that less is more!

A STRAIGHT DRESS: If you have chosen a dress with strapless or straight cut, then the best thing you can do is to wear a petite and sober necklace. This will achieve not take the prominence of the strapless. You can also choose a pair of small earrings.

V-NECK DRESS: If you have chosen a v-neck dress, the best thing you can do is not to use any accessory, because if you wear a necklace, you will only ruin the sensuality of the cut. If you want to use an accessory, it is better to pay attention to the earrings or the bracelet.

AN ASYMMETRIC DRESS: If you are going to wear this type of dress, forget about the necklaces completely. Focus your attention on the earrings that you are going to wear. The best thing is that they are very long earrings and with some inlaid rhinestones.

A DRESS WITH TRANSPARENT NECK: If you have chosen a dress that has a transparent neck and with rhinestones, do not need any necklace. What you can wear are earrings, rings, and bracelets. However, choose the right ones, they do not have to be very extravagant.

A HALTER DRESS: This type of dress in itself is one of the most sensual. What they want to transmit is tranquility. Therefore, it is not necessary to use any necklace. What you can choose freely, are some cute long earrings and a fancy bracelet.

A DRESS WITH JEWEL: This type of dress is one of the most daring and most beautiful. Use accessories will only recharge since it has rhinestones included in it. You can choose to look for tiny and simple earrings.

A DRESS WITH SQUARE NECKLINE: This type of dress can never wear a long necklace. What you have to look for is a very delicate and short necklace. In the same way, a pair of simple, delicate rings, will not go wrong.

A DRESS WITH ROUND NECKLINE: In the same way as with the square neckline, for the prom dresses with round neckline, you only need a short necklace and discrete earrings.

A DRESS WITH FALLEN SHOULDERS: This beautiful dress model, only needs to be complemented by some very long earrings or an elegant choker. You can show off that night!

A MERMAID DRESS: This type of dress, being very tight to the body, and even have a high neckline in many cases, does not need a collar. However, you can still complement this dress with a pair of earrings in a different tone from the one of your dress.

A BALL GOWN DRESS: This type of dress, has a very voluminous skirt and a very tight corset, so it does not need to have much accessories or details. Like Cinderella, you can combine it with a very sober and elegant choker. The earrings also have to be small so that you can follow the fancy style of this look.

Remember that it is essential that, no matter what you wear, you have to feel beautiful, comfortable and elegant. If you are sure that you have already fulfilled those three observations, then you are ready to enjoy your prom party.